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[This is an unfinished blog post attempting to split up and name some earning to give styles based on the budgeting breakdown in Funnel Budgeting.]
Lumpers vs Tricklers
Lumpers give at the end of the  year and tricklers give monthly. These styles lie on the general  frequency dimension. Extremes include a save-and-bequest model on the  lumper side and Bitcoin transaction stream on the trickler side.
Budgeters vs Surplusers
Budgeters  give from their budget. Surplusters give from their unbudgeted surplus  money. A Fractional Surpluser breaks their surplus money into targets  and then puts their money into each target at a specific fraction, per  target. A Full Surpluser has charity as their only target, but other  options would be 50/50 charity/savings, or 20/40/40  charity/travel/savings.
I'm undecided on the appropriate giving  frequency but lean towards monthly, am currently budgeting but will  transition to surplus giving, and am leaning towards keeping travel and  savings in my budget and so would be giving everything over a threshold.
So in 2014 I'll likely be a Fully Surplusing Trickler wrt E2G.
1398 days ago
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I wanted to start blogging specifically on Earning to Give for the Far Future (on e2g4ff.com, which I never bought) but it hasn't really been happening. Here are my attempted posts:
1398 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Andrew McKnight 1398 days ago
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[An almost finished blog post that was supposed to be a set up for talking about E2G Strategies.]
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