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It is possible to support the Humane Research Council by donating money or time (if you have relevant skills). More information here.
From “Take 5 Save 5”, a company that encourages volunteers to post on craigslist and other online message boards offering free a vegetarian starter pack and then they send them out to people who respond. Of 1000 people to order a vegetarian starter pack, 107 completed a follow up survey.  Found 63% of respondents had reduced or eliminated beef, and overall reductions in other animal products. Obviously lots of biases potentially at work here. Don’t know if the "Take 5 Save 5" organisation still actually exists.
Study of smokers from Harvard and UCSD examining the effect of group social norms on behaviour change in smokers.
Largest factors contributing to limiting beef consumption relate to price, followed by health concerns.
Online survey found that ethical vegetarians had stronger feelings of conviction, consumed fewer animal products, and had been vegetarians longer than health-motivated vegetarians
Identifies 21 “facilitators" and 10 “barriers” for trying tofu. For example “Tofu is high protein”, “Tofu is environmentally friendly” (facilitators); “It has a strange texture”, “It doesn’t taste good” (barriers). Studying a sample of non-Asian US women aged 20-35, they found that women’s position on the barriers explained much more of the variance in adopting/not adopting tofu than position on facilitators. Concludes that “it may be more effective to focus on addressing the barriers as opposed to promoting the facilitators. For instance, instructing new users on how to prepare Tofu was more persuasive than addressing the nutritional value of Tofu”.
500 respondents aged 15-23.  Found “Farm to Fridge” was slightly better at influencing self-reported dietary change than “Maxine’s Dash for Freedom”, "A Life Connected”, and “Geico Couple”.  Concludes by calling for further tests with larger sample size and less variation between each video viewing.

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